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      Why Mytattoofab

      How does the Mytattoofab service work?

      How is the Mytattoofab service innovative?

      Who is the Mytattoofab service for?

      Technical info

      Do I need to invert my image?

      How can I get a PDF proof?

      What are the accepted image formats ?

      Temporary directions and more

      Where to apply my temporary tattoo ?

      How do I apply my temporary tattoo?

      How many days does a temporary tattoo last on the skin?

      How do I remove my temporary tattoo?

      How old do you have to be to get a temporary tattoo?

      Is a temporary tattoo safe for my skin?

      What is the list of ingredients?

      Shipping and delivery

      How long will it take for me to receive my tattoos ?

      Where do you deliver?

      Shipping cost


      Do you have special prices for resellers?

      How much do the prices start at?

      Payments, Orders, Returns, Refunds

      You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

      Returns and Refunds