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      Why create your own temporary tattoo?

      Heir of the "Malabar tattoo", the temporary tattoo is more than ever in the air of time and transcends today's generations. Easy to apply, easy to remove and thanks to a lifespan ranging from a few hours to a few days, everything is allowed: dare the delible tattoo less risky than the indelible ink  one.

      Festive and fun, the custom temporary tattoo is the trendy accessory that can be worn for all kinds of occasions.

      A wedding, a birthday, a bachelorette/bachelor party, a party to celebrate? Offer customized temporary tattoos to share an unforgettable day with your loved ones. The temporary tattoo becomes the special accessory of your party, your wedding, your special events and much more.

      Surprise your guests and create a tattoo bar. Offer them an temporary print for this occasion.

 Shout your happiness in color on all the skins of your guests. Claim your Yessss! for ever, Be happy , yes, Love , Paul & Maggy , a small diamond or simply " Just Married " ...

      Make your customers your best ambassadors

      From your desires, the designs you like, your first names, your initials or a sentence that is close to your heart, simply create your visual thanks to our online configurator and our different templates.

      Are you looking for an original and festive gift? Offer a temporary tattoo corresponding to the personality of your loved ones. Just say you love him with a tattoo. You'll see, it's very effective.

      Do you run a business? A restaurant, a club, a hairdressing salon: Make your customers your best ambassadors: Promote your business by offering your customers a tattoo "Business Card" with your logo, your motto.

      Are you part of a sports club? A fan club? Make your team stand out and offer your supporters the means to support you from the skin! What could be stronger - in front of your opponent - than to proudly display the logo of your favourite club: success guaranteed!

      You are thinking of getting a tattoo for real tattoo but you are still hesitating about the illustration? Try it on first with a fake tattoo. It has the appearance of the real one and will allow you to make your final choice.

      In short, you have understood that there are plenty of opportunities to get a temporary tattoo.

      MyTattoofab allows you to easily create your own original tattoos by yourself in few seconds.

      From 20 Euros only for 50 copies for a TEST PACK 5x5cm !